Today, BATTS released the highly anticipated debut 62 Moons EP via THAA Records. The EP starts off with some beautiful sounds from a NASA recording of Saturn’s rings and immediately flows into the song “We’re Done”. Throughout the EP you can hear BATTS influence and interest in space which is a theme throughout the project. The EP, 62 Moons is 5 tracks in length and features the two previously released singles “For Now” and “Little White Lies“. After listening to the EP a few times, I highly recommend it. The timing and the arrangement of the songs on the EP flow throughout. Although there is a melancholy feel on each song, they all have their own identity and her voice shines in different ways on each of them. Make sure to check out the EP in its entirety via and support the EP with a purchase via one of the major digital platforms. Also, for all the vinyl lovers out there, you can pre-order the EP via 24Hundred too. Stream 62 Moons below!