At just 23 years of age, most individuals don’t posses the composure and maturity that Chris Rivers has been displaying. Even though this song is not about his life, often, many believe his upbringing must have been privileged and that he was wealthy because of his lineage. However, the Bronx born artist has been through rough times and represents the struggle and those in it no matter which struggle it is. He gives hope to the voiceless again in the new Danny Cinema directed video for the song “Fear Of My Crown” which features Sy. Watch the emotional and traumatic video for “Fear My Crown” below. Also, Make sure to take a listen to Delorean and support the project with a purchase.

“I just wanna say that this song and visual was super important to me. I know you can only make a song like this once so it had to be right. Growing up in an extremely abusive household , I’ve gotten to see all the subtle nuances and the major effects as well that trickle down from these events. From confidence issues to depreciation of self worth to trauma, the spectrum is so vast and yet most people sweep these things under the rug. I want everyone who has been through any form of abuse to know that these things do not decide your worth.” – Chris Rivers