Dan Deacon Scores Theo Anthony’s ‘Rat Film’ Documentary

Rat Film comes out on 9/15 in NYC, Baltimore, and Chicago


On October 15th, Baltimore native Theo Anthony’s Rat Film documentary will be released in Baltimore, New York, Chicago & Vancouver. The full length documentary, Rat Film explores the history of Baltimore through the usage of rats. Theo Anthony wanted someone who could capture the perfect sounds for his film while still coming from a place of within the community to keep an honest experience. That is where fellow Baltimore native Dan Deacon comes into the picture. The two experimented with the rats to capture sounds and create content that Dan Deacon would use in the music while creating the score of the film. Check out the making of the soundtrack below. Also, Rat Film soundtrack will be released on October 13th, 2017 via Domino Soundtracks.

Rat Film will be released digitally on Oct. 3rd 2017. Watch the trailer below