Recently we had the pleasure of speaking with Julian Maduruh, the founder of Noirci Limited. We met Julian roughly 2 Years ago at an event in Newark, NJ at Seed Gallery and we were impressed with quality and craftsmanship of his products. Over the past 2 years we saw the name change and more hard goods being produced by the brand so we decided to reach out. The brands founder and designer agreed to speak with us about his approach to designing a collection, favorite clothing designers and future entrepreneurial endeavors. Take a few minutes to read the Q&A we did with Julian Maduruh of Noirci Limited below.

Can you tell us the meaning of Noirci, the year it was established and the inspiration behind it for you?

-Noirci is French for “blackened”, which is an ode to its parent company Blacked Apparel. Blacked Apparel was started in 2014 and then in 2016 Noirci was born as somewhat of a much cleaner and accessory focused line. The inspiration behind Noirci came from seeking enlightenment. Some people may notice that 2 Corinthian 4:6 is printed on a few of our labelings and long story short Noirci is meant to be a small part of lighting up the darkness whether it be through our quality product or something as simple as someone reading that scripture and letting it be a light in their day.

What made you want to become a jewelry designer?

Ever since I was young I’ve always been drawn to create whether it was through drawing writing or even skating. Some friends and I had the idea to start an accessory brand, but it sort of fizzled away, so I decided to do an apparel brand that would be clothing as well as jewelry. Eventually the jewelry showed more success than the clothing and since then jewelry has become the focus.

Which do prefer more, designing clothing or jewelry and why?

That’s a tough one. I think I will always have the end goal of making clothing. The reason I started was actually because I have always wanted to design really dope jackets. This brand I use to love Ezekiel clothing would always have the sickest jackets and I always thought it would be dope to make cool pieces with little subtle details.

How do you approach a new collection? What is your creative process like?

For the most part I try and make each collection filled with what people demand. Like right now everyone has asked me for simple stuff. Men typically don’t like charms and anything dangly, so I went minimal.
Usually I sit down and just think of what I want in a piece sometimes as well, and from there I try and see if anyone else would like it.

Not considering demand, What is the ideal for collection for you?

Its funny you ask that, the ideal collection for me would be a bunch of different jackets that are simple with small detail. A ton of different leather bracelet options that also have small detail in little metal pieces etc. In due time though.

Can you tell us 3 of your favorite clothing designers and what you like about their style?

Three designers off hand huh… the thing is I’ve never really been into designers, for me it’s always been about the brand as a whole, and their aesthetics. Growing up skateboarding I always loved Ezekiel Clothing for their color choices and their denim. They always had jackets that were a very specific shade of gray with perfect woven placement, branded buttons etc. I love dark tones so Ezekiel’s product offerings always appealed to me along with the surf and skate edits they would always put out.
Another brand I always liked was WeSC because of their quality denim, really dope jackets, different animal prints on shorts etc. What both brands did that got me hooked though was how involved they were with their brand ambassadors.WeSc endorsed everything from graffiti artists, to dj’s, to abstract artists to snowboarders and it always showed that their clothing had personality behind it. These days I dont follow those brands too much, but they will always get me stoked on something. Right now I love what HUF is doing, because they also make sure they push lifestyle. It’s very relatable

Your collection was featured in GQ Magazine, how did that come about?

It was pretty random actually. Back when the brand was called Blacked Apparel I posted on Twitter pretty frequently about the tees. More specifically the Mona Lisa with the black eye. I hated this shirt mind you, but this lady who was in charge of the marketing for GQ reached out to me about putting it in their Style File section. It was actually British GQ which is on a different level of fashion from the states. It was pretty cool, and is a reminder to always be on all social media outlets.

What is the average length of time you spend on Noirci Limited weekly? How do you feel you optimize your time better in the future?

It varies honestly, depending on how motivated I am. When i’m not motivated though it definitely shows. I always have planning going on for Noirci as far as who I show stuff to.

I don’t usually optimize time well though because I will admit I am a horrible planner which is a huge downfall, but live and learn right?

Where do you see Noirci in 5 years from now?

In 5 years I see Noirci bringing back soft goods that are more aligned with my initial vision, as well as backing some artists that are passionate about their craft. Also doing some events for the brand to get folks to come out again and socialize the way we use to. Get everyone to put down the phones and enjoy a drink together. Most importantly develop a solid brand identity

How has your approach to a collection differ today compared to when you first launched your brand ?

At first I would put out whatever came to my head in an effort to constantly be pushing out something new. Although it was usually well received, I’ve learned to focus on what I want to put out. Now nothing is released by Noirci unless it’s something I am 100% stoked on. Progress over perfection yes, but before it drops it’s gotta be exactly what I wanted, or as close as possible.

Do you see yourself get involved in other entrepreneurial endeavors in the near future?

Definitely, it’s just a matter of what I feel like would be worth it at the moment. Right now I wanna do something with friends that will have food, snacks, wifi and stuff like that. Somewhere people can hang out and enjoy good company.

Can you share any advice with young entrepreneurs looking to launch a clothing brand or jewelry collection?

If you’re thinking about doing it, just do it and do it as best as you can. After that you make sure you do it better than you did yesterday. Make sure you have a product that you can look at and get butterflies from because if you don’t love your product than there is a good chance no one else will. Pay attention to what everyone is doing, but don’t let it dictate what you’re doing.
When you’re starting out don’t worry about always having something new. We live in a society that is constantly looking for the newest thing and it takes away from what you already have, so don’t be afraid to pump the brakes and take your time for the next offering

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