ADUM⁷ – 起死回生


At the top of the year, ADUM⁷ released the project 起死回生 and even though we are extremely late with this one we believe it is something everyone should check out. While some people may know of ADUM⁷ from G.A.ME the (Grassroots Artists MoveMent) as RAVAGE or the moniker MeccaGodZilla, he has always maintained a genuine sound and high quality of music. ADUM⁷ has toured in places like Japan and worked with some great companies such as A|X, NIKE, Jazzysport, Applebum, and MSGR. Stay connected with ADUM⁷ for new releases and upcoming events via his Instagram. Take a listen to 起死回生 and be sure to follow him on Spotify as well.