Stevie Wonder Joins Stretch & Bobbito on ‘Whats Good’


Today, the living legend Stevie Wonder joined Stretch Armstrong & Bobbtio Garcia on their NPR podcast ‘Whats Good’. Not only is the 25 Grammy Award winner my favorite recording artist of all time, he also gave the best live performance I ever witnessed. His career has reined over 50 plus years and has been one of the most influential in the history of American music. In the interview they discuss the depth of his song writing, negative repetitions throughout history, celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., coping with the loss of his very close friend Prince, and voice changes which almost lead to him getting dropped from Motown at the age of 14. This is a very special edition of the podcast and I highly recommend taking the time to listen the stories, jewels, and knowledge Stevie Wonder shares with Stretch & Bobbito for all of us to hear.