A few years back we helped curate an event at Public Assembly in Brooklyn that featured talent artists like Lynette Williams, Denitia Odigie, BOSCO and others. The energy throughout the evening was phenomenal, one of the standout performances was none other than BOSCO. At the time I was not too familiar with her music, but her sound, stage presence, energy and arrangement stood out. In fact, on the way back to Jersey, myself, Kev, and Kiba who enjoyed the set more than anyone in the building discussed her sound the entire way home. Years later, I have returned to curate some events, share some music and just happened come across the a new release from BOSCO. Check out the latest 8 song project from Atlanta based singer titled b which was just released via Fools Gold Records and is available to stream at the link below. If you like what you hear, make sure to click here to support BOSCO with a purchase of the project.