Lyle Omolayo, also known to many as the lyrical, intelligent, and charismatic
mc enigma from the group Negros Americanos has recently released visuals for the song “Embarrassing” which is off his forthcoming project Dry Season. The project is a two part story and according to Lyle Omolayo, “One story is that of scarcity, Desert. The other story is that of abundance Dessert.” This project is also the follow up to Rainy Season which was released under the moniker mc enigma. Make sure to stay connected with Lyle Omolayo via his website for updates on music, videos, and events.

“Exploring topics of culture shock, rejection, isolation, and being a pariah in a foreign country, Dry Season is a narrative of love and travel.”
– Lyle Omolayo

Lyle Omolayo – Embarrassing from Negros Americanos on Vimeo.