Although this video came out over a year ago, we thought it was important to share with you. The video is from Punky Meadows and the song is “Straight Shooter” which is off the groups album Fallen Angel. The song starts off with some great drums and a melodic verse followed up by a very catchy hook. Also, the song features a great lead by legendary guitarist Punky Meadows which I’m sure all the Angel fans could appreciate. As of now, this is the only video from the project so far but I am hoping the band shoots a video for the song “Leaving Tonight” which is my personal favorite on the album. The album was released last year via Main Man Records and is available for purchase at the labels website. Take a listen to Fallen Angel and if you like what you hear from the band don’t hesitate to purchase the album. The album has received real positive reviews from different media outlets and according to That Metal Show‘s Eddie Trunk, “This is Exactly the album Punky Meadows needed to make for his fans. Just perfect. Songs and Playing as good as ever. Amazing job…Punky’s Back “.