Check out the debut EP from New Jersey’s own PLAYER HATER, the project titled PH 2K17 DEMO has 4 tracks and is now available to stream. The sound is raw, passionate and the group delve’s into topics such as mental health, politics, and government on the demo. The group will be performing at their friend Steve’s Benefit at Bull’s Eye Saloon in Wilmington, Delaware along with with Rich People, Tantrum, and Flamethrower. Make sure to take a listen to PH 2k17 DEMO below and check the out the band live on September 24th because I’m sure their live show is awesome. The group’s guitarist Christopher Bacchus shares some insight about the development of the project along how the name came about and more.

“Metal and hardcore have always been two styles of music that have had a really strong impact on me. Many times they highlight personal struggles in an attempt to help give a voice to the voiceless. For the past few months, me and some of my best friends fused these two genres together and recorded a bunch of tracks under the name, Player Hater. This new project happens to be the first time I’ve stepped out of solely focusing on writing the instrumentation for songs. I took a more hands on approach with the lyrics on this project. They truly capture one of the darkest periods of my life. This demo was almost like therapy in a way, it helped me realize what was bothering me and what I should do to get on a brighter path.

The name is taken from Chappelle’s Show’s, “Player Hater’s Ball. Something about that segment always stuck with me. My friends and I love Dave Chappelle so we felt it was only right to name our band after one of the greats! We tracked the songs at Landmine Studios in Ewing, NJ, where we were able to find all the sounds we wanted. Our good friend Len Carmichael, recorded, mixed and mastered this project and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I’ve been wanting to start a heavier band for quite sometime. I’ve been in a bunch of metal-ish bands that never left the basement. It’s a great feeling to finally see this music come to fruition. The feedback we’ve been getting has definitely uplifted me. The band and I are constantly working on new music so keep your eyes peeled!” – Christopher Bacchus