Check out the latest set of creative visuals from JR & PH7 x St. Joe Louis for the track “I Want It All” which is the third release off their forthcoming album Coral Cadavers. Ingo Leffin and Jörg Rottgardt did a great job directing and editing the video which flows good with the song and keeps you interested in the whole time. This collaboration project has not disappointed on any of the tracks released so far and I anticipate the full project bringing the same level of art. St. Joe Louis have one of my favorite group names and have been one of my personal favorites for some time now. They have been releasing high quality music for the past decade and have a great live show that I recommend you check out if you have the opportunity. The album Coral Cadavers is set to be released on June 16th and will be available for purchase via Below System Records.

Also, the trio dropped a New Jersey anthem a while back titled “Good Morning” that deserves a listen if you have not had the chance to hear it yet.